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his guide is all about helping residents in the five boroughs of NYC fight for their workers rights. If you have been injured at the workplace and would like to file a workers compensation claim our team is here to help. For years, our affiliates have been fighting for New Yorkers to get the compensation they deserve. From workplace accidents, to chemical exposure, to slips and falls they have dealt with it all. Whether your claim need to be taken into the court room or settled out of the court, We will not rest until you have the knowledge necessary to be satisfied with the outcome of your claim.

Is your injury keeping you from getting back to work? Did you know that you have been paying for Social Security Disability taxes for many years? Now that you need disability funds for yourself it is time to claim what is rightfully yours. The Shulman Law Firm can help you navigate through the intricate maze of SSD.

When we recommend a Work-place injury & Compensation law firm in the Brooklyn, Queens & NYC area we do the research required to make sure you will be happy with your legal results.

Recognized NY Workers Injury Attorney’s

The attorneys we deal with have been recognized by for their excellence in serving the NY community. They made us a profile with a back-round check, our educational history, case history and many other interesting facts. Any firm can make claims about their legal experience but when a 3rd party law resource gives you recognition it is a bit different. If you have been hurt at work & need compensation or have any questions about workers comp, Social Security & Disability, contact us now.

Submitting a compensation claim is going to be one of the most important variables on your road to attaining money from the insurance companies. We always advise seeking legal assistance for the workers claim process. If you application is accepted the first time it will save you a big headache. You want to avoid having to appeal a decision using all measures. This is exactly why we always advise seeking legal assistance for a workers claim. So what are you waiting for? Call one of our professionals today and begin the process that will help get your life back on track.

Our success in the legal world boils down to the fact that we get denied workers comp claims approved.

Time in and time out working class blue collared citizens are convinced by the employers insurance company that they are not entitled to any compensation and monetary payouts. This is where our legal professionals step up to the place and take care of business. If you are like many of our clients, you are running to the doctor injured and in pain and do not understand why your employer is not paying for it. Call us today for a fast and free sit-down consultation where we will explain to you how you can get a hold of the money you always dreamed of.

There is a fabulous directory in the five boroughs that has also recognized our firm for their excellence. This directory claims to use a rigorous 5-point screening method using reviews from the most trusted legal sites in the world. See our spot on the Legal NYC attorneys directory now. When all the major law affiliation sites and review sites say you are the best it may just be because we really are the best. Remember, you do not pay a dime until you have been properly reimbursed for all your medical bills and lost time at work.

Workers Compensation Claims In Accordance To NY Laws

Worker compensation in New York is a no-fault system where the employee is offered cash benefits and lifetime health care for illnesses and injuries that are work related. Despite its importance, it is unfortunate that even legitimate workers’ compensation claims are denied daily. Thus, it might require a fight for you to beat this system and get the most out of your employer’s insurance even if it requires suing them.

In order to ensure you receive all the benefits, it is crucial to consult a professional attorney that that is knowledgeable and experienced with worker compensation cases. The attorney should be able to fight well to get you all the benefits of an injured worker in New York. So whether you got hurt at a construction site, a store or a warehouse you will need to have an attorney determine how you should proceed. Make sure to first ask some pertinent questions before paying for their services. In fact, it won’t hurt if you can get a free initial consultation where you can first discuss your rights and appraise your case with the attorney. In New York, getting wage replacement benefits as well as medical care is your right as long as the injury or illness is work-related. So, do everything in your power to get it.

Are You Overpaying For Workers Compensation Insurance?

If you happen to be a business owner, insurance agent, accountant or anyone who has seen the enigmatic “WPS charge” added to his/her annual premium, you might be interested in knowing more about it. This is exactly what this article will help you to do.

To start with, let us consider the source of this obfuscating charge. As you are undoubtedly aware, the New York State Department of Labor has imposed a plethora of regulations regarding the workplace.

Of particular interest is Regulation 59, which states that any employer based in the state of New York is obliged to undergo a workplace safety and loss prevention consultation if his experience modification is 1.20 or greater. He or she is supposed to do this within 30 days of notification by the NYS Department of Labor.

Uncertain of what constitutes “experience modification”? Well, there is no need to worry, for I have you covered in that regard!

An experience modification is essentially the adjustment made in the amount of money an employer has to pay an insurer for the coverage of worker’s compensation, i.e., the insurance policy that grants medical benefits and wage replacement to your employees when they get injured to prevent them from suing you for negligence. The adjustment is based on the losses that the insurer has incurred from the employer.

An experience modification of 1.0 denotes an employer whose performance has been actuarially expected. Greater than 1.0 indicates poor performance, while less than 1.0 indicates better performance.

What will the workplace safety and loss prevention consultation involve? In essence, a consultant will charge you a fee to inspect your workplace and making recommendations for how the overall safety can be improved. He or she will follow up with another inspection to ensure that the improvements have been implemented, and if that is indeed the case, the consultant will proceed to file a certificate of compliance with the NYS Department of Labor for yet another fee.

What are the consequences of not complying? This is where the WPS charge comes in. If you fail to comply with these instructions, you will be charged an additional 5% of your annual worker’s compensation premium, known as the Wage Protection System (WPS) charge. Furthermore, this surcharge will increase by 5% of your premium every year if you persist in your non-compliance.

If that sounded confusing, allow me to give you an example. If your premium is $1000, and you fail to comply, you will be surcharged $50 for the first year, $100 for the second year, $150 for the third year, and so on. Of course, in reality, these amounts will be much bigger since premiums can easily cross the $100,000 mark.

Therefore, you can get into the serious hot water for not being vigilant concerning your experience modification. You need to get it below 1.20 to avoid this messy issue of compliance. You can even get a premium refund if you decrease your experience modification sufficiently.

Does My Business Really Need Workers Comp Insurance?

Owning small business is a big challenge as you are constantly trying to stretch out the possibilities of being profitable. Many wonder if they can do so by cutting off their workers’ compensation insurance. It might sound like the easiest and quickest way of saving money but the consequences of such a crime can cost you a fortune. The latter issue is especially well known in the home improvement industry. The bad news for you contractors is that you will need WC insurance for your workers, the good news, is that there are companies who specialize in making workers compensation insurance affordable for employers.It is a legal obligation for employers to provide workers’ compensation insurance to their employees and themselves. The workers get their health insurance covered and the company does not get involved in legal liabilities of injuries at the workplace.  

The NY State Worker’s Compensation Board won’t spare a dime in coming after you if they find out you are cheating the system. They may reach out to you every so often to provide documentation and valid proof of your workers’ compensation insurance. The Workers’ compensation commission has put various charges and punishments under different sections of the law for not fulfilling the compliance policy. By not providing workers’ compensation coverage you might improve your bottom line for the time being but you are also risking major penalties and probable business closure in the future. Non compliance is actually a criminal offense in most states and the fines one must pay astronomic.

Even providing wrong information about the number of workers or insurance needs sounds like a fascinating way of skimping on worker’s compensation but sooner or later the state audits will uncover you.  

If you fail to deliver workplace and health insurance to the workers of your corporation you will be held liable for any kind of work place injury, hospital charges & all other related expenses the employees incur. Your fine will range depending on the severity of case. Moreover, you can be sued by your employees for not covering their health and safety costs. Your negligence can cost you disrespect, loss and a poor reputation in world of business.

The good news for New Yorker's is that there are established Workers Compensation audit & recovery firms that can help you understand everything you need to know about insuring your employees in a legal yet affordable manner.

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